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Welcome to RocketApps

You may have tried to access myCenter. If you did you can go to to access your centers.

What is RocketApps?

RocketApp aims to provide high-quality, intuitive to use, and free services to Roblox communities, groups, and games. We believe automation is the future of Roblox groups; thus, we put a lot of work into putting ourselves at the forefront of innovation in automation. We work with our users to refine and develop our service. Unlike other providers, we believe in having a working relationship with our users, taking all feedback into account to provide a high-quality service with more features than the rest.

The Numbers

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We're trust worthy

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That's cool and all, but what do you have?

tl;dr; it's a lot....

Custom Bots

That's right! Tired of having to pay to create bots with special names, and not even having access to the bot? Here, BYOC -- bring your own cookie -- and we'll manage the bot for you!

Zapier Intergrations

Want to make custom intergrations with no hassle? Use our Zapier intergration!

Powerful & Easy to use permission system

We make it easy for you to make permission levels, and manage them. With our audit-log you have full log of everything going on in your center! And.... it's easy to read!

Center Design

Manage the way your center looks with only a few clicks of a mouse!

Question Types

With RocketApps, you can create basically any question type you could imagine. Here's everything we got: Short answer, paragraph, multiple choice, checkboxes, dropdown, linear scale, multiple choice table, checkbox table, date, time, and typing speed test. And unlike other providers, we allow you to split your questions into sections. Allowing further organization of your questions.

And we're just getting started

This isn't even close to everything we want to do. We've got tons of ideas, putting you at the forefront of innovation.

Woah! How much do you cost?

Fair, and constant pricing; it doesn't change.

We're free, and will be forever. You can use all of our features right now, for free! Not to mention, you get world class support with our amazing support team. Just make a ticket on our Discord, and we'll have your problem solved as soon as possible!